JOGA Grip Tapes - Red
JOGA Grip Tapes - Red
JOGA Grip Tapes - Red
JOGA Grip Tapes - Red
JOGA Grip Tapes - Red
JOGA Grip Tapes - Red
JOGA Grip Tapes - Red
JOGA Grip Tapes - Red
JOGA Grip Tapes - Red
JOGA Grip Tapes - Red
JOGA Grip Tapes - Red
JOGA Grip Tapes - Red

JOGA Grip Tapes - Red

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JOGA Grip Tapes: The Ultimate Reusable Solution for Footballers

SECURE HOLD - Engineered with premium adhesive properties, JOGA Grip Tapes ensure your sock sleeves stay firmly attached to your grip socks, preventing any slipping or shifting during intense gameplay.

MULTI-PURPOSE SUPPORT - Designed to offer versatile functionality, JOGA Grip Tapes are perfect for keeping your shin guards securely in place, providing added stability and protection where you need it most.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Crafted to match the natural contour of your calf, JOGA Grip Tapes sit comfortably against your skin, offering a snug and supportive fit that feels like a second skin.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL - With exceptional stretchability, our JOGA Grip Tapes accommodate a wide range of sizes. They stretch up to an inner diameter of 30 cm without losing their form, making them suitable for almost everyone.

REUSABLE & DURABLE - Made from high-quality, sustainable materials, JOGA Grip Tapes are built to last. They maintain their grip and elasticity even after multiple uses, offering a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to disposable tapes.

United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Express - 1-3 working days

Standard - 3-5 working days

EU 🇪🇺

Express - 5-7 working days

Standard 7-12 working days

USA 🇺🇸

Express - 3-7 working days

Standard - 7-12 working days

Rest of the World 🌍

Express - 3-9 working days

Standard - 10-14 working days

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Marc Guehi, Rivaldo and 115k+ other players are wearing JOGA

🌎 Trusted by 100,000+ athletes

At JOGA, we spend months meticulously designing our products, ensuring they're at 'pro-level standard'. We go through 5 stages of testing for each product, and get feedback from current professional players (including our founder, Ethan Chislett) at every stage.

JOGA Mini Shin Pads - JOGA

eco-friendly packaging ♻️

Strengthening our ties with Brazil, we are transitioning to eco-friendly packaging, including re-usable drawstring bags. We aim to be fully 100% eco-friendly by the end of 2024.

Our mission

Born out of inspiration from the vibrant streets of Brazil, JOGA embodies the soulful dance of Joga Bonito - the beautiful game.

As modern football became awash with metrics and data, we found ourselves yearning for the days when raw talent and artistry reigned supreme. 

That's why JOGA was born - to reignite that essence and to keep the artistry of football alive.

Pictured, are our founders Zack & Ethan Chislett.


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